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There's more than meets the eye to sending SMS. We offer variants of our product and services to help you get the most out of SMS.

Open API

We give you the flexibility to unleash your creativity

Our platform is built on our very own SMS API. And we’re very proud of it! By taking advantage of everything it offers you can enhance your own workflows by adding new SMS capabilities to your own systems.

Plus, as it offers fast response times and events triggered on web hooks, we’ve made it easy for you to seamlessly add all the SMS capabilities on offer. What’s more, it doesn't cost you anything extra to start using our API. We only charge for the SMS you send out.

api - Services We Offer
  • Easy to understand API documentation
  • Webhooks to keep in sync
  • Super fast response times
smartmockups jodheyir - Services We Offer
  • Intuitive web interface
  • No complicated settings
  • Step by step wizard driven
  • SMS conversations like your used to
  • Real-time reporting
Web Interface

A beautifully crafted web application with your user experience at its heart

We love everything about sending SMS messages and we want you to feel the same. To make sure your experience is everything is should be and more, we’ve put a lot of time and effort into making sure our web interface isn’t just intuitive and easy to use, but also gives you the power to be heard globally.

You’ll soon find it second nature to manage your contact lists, have SMS conversations and send out SMS marketing campaigns to a group of contacts. You don't need to be a whiz kid to use our services. Whether your message content is for marketing, notifications or operational purposes, we’ll guide you through sending out SMS within minutes.


We're there for you when you need it the most

We don't want to supply you with a service and leave you alone in the dark. That's why our service comes with a standard level of support in which you can contact us by email about any account or service impairment issue. This level of support operates UK weekdays between 9:00 - 17:00.

If your use of our SMS services is more than an ad-hoc SMS campaign, and you want the security of knowing you can pick up the phone or chat to us directly. You should consider our premium support package. With priority responses, and extended supporting hours you'll find comfort in the fact we are right behind you.

support - Services We Offer
  • Expert SMS Knowledge
  • Dedicated service perfection
  • Real people that can actually aid you
  • Extended coverage and communication channels on premium support
  • Support tiers for SMEs and Enterprise businesses
webinar - Services We Offer
  • Get up to speed quickly
  • Maximise the impact of your campaigns
  • Improve user adoption
  • Increase your customer engagement

Getting the most out of SMS with our expert training

We’ve made everything as intuitive as possible. But we realise some people find comfort in a guiding hand. That's why we’re more than happy to train you, or your team, in all the awesome things you can do with TxtSync. You’ll find it really helps you maximise the impact of our SMS service!

We can offer half to full days of on-site training for teams within the UK or offer web sessions. If you’d like training to get you and your team up to speed, then get in touch.

Development Consultancy

We'll do the hard development graft for you

Not everyone has the luxury of a developer on hand to build in much-needed SMS features into their system. We recognise the need for this and are willing to help by offering development consultancy days.

With development being so varied, we’ll first make sure we’ve the relevant expertise to help you. If we do, a consultation can go ahead where we find out your requirements, then give you an estimation on how long it’ll take to make your vision a reality.

At the end of the development cycle, what we’ve created will be transferred to you. We can help you extend your current system directly or indirectly through 3rd party integration tools such as Microsoft Flow and Zapier.

If you have a system you want to add SMS capabilities to and don't have any developers on hand, don't despair, just call us, we’d love to help.

If you find yourself with a system you want to add SMS capabilities to and don't have any developers on hand don't despair, call us, we can help.

devConsultant - Services We Offer
  • Expertise in popular modern day programming languages
  • Expertise in well established cloud products
  • No porkies, we tell you straight if we can, or can't help
  • High degree of development quality
smsBenefits - Services We Offer
Mobile Number Porting

Keep your original mobile number

Customers recognise your business through your mobile number, but it’s become impractical to pass a phone around the office? Just port your number across to our platform. We’ll make it easy for all your staff members to use that one number.

This service is only available in the UK and we’ll require your PAC code from your current contract supplier. You'll need to make sure that your mobile number is out of contract otherwise you'll be charged an early termination fee.

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