Microsoft Dynamics

Enhance the power of your CRM solution by adding our SMS capabilities. Send and receive messages from your accounts, contacts and leads with ease.

Microsoft Dynamics

Send and receive SMS directly from Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful CRM that can be used to model and automate your business processes. TxtSync's Microsoft Dynamics integration allows you to easily incorporate SMS into these business processes. You can be sending and receiving text messages without leaving your CRM! We support both Microsoft Dynamics 2016 on premise and Dynamics 365.

Enhanced User Interface

Our overlay user interface is designed to make easy for you to send SMS directly within Dynamics.

Inbound Screen Pops

Never miss an inbound SMS while working within Dynamics with our screen pops.

SMS Workflow

Our solution provides a workflow component that can be used within any existing or new workflow to send out SMS.

Contact Synchronisation

TxtSync can automatically synchronise with your Dynamics contacts, accounts and leads data allowing you to communicate with your contacts in TxtSync.

SMS Syncronisation

TxtSync can automatically track SMS within Dynamics against your contacts, accounts and leads.

Supported Customisations

TxtSync allows you to jump into an SMS Campaign or view contact summary profiles through supported customisations.

User Interface

UI that delivers the ultimate user experience for SMS in Dynamics

Using TxtSync's free browser extension you will experience a simplistic, but intuitive interface for sending and receiving SMS.

Never miss an inbound SMS with our screen pops and say goodbye to creating SMS activity records to actually send an SMS. With our UI you can easily have a natural SMS conversation with your customers like you would on a mobile.

Dynamics Conversation
Data Synchronisation

Automatically push SMS records in to Dynamics against the relevant contacts

For the ultimate seamless user experience you can use our Dynamics Sync service which allows TxtSync to synchronise with your Dynamics contacts, accounts & leads. Whats more TxtSync will automatically push all inbound and outbound SMS to the relevant contact records within your Dynamics system.

Dynamics SMS Sync
Dynamics Workflow
Dynamics Workflow

Enhance your automated processes through the use of SMS

Easily add SMS to any existing, or new workflow process through TxtSync's workflow component. Simply state the From and To number along with the message body to send out your text. Plus keep a history of your SMS within Dynamics by choosing to create an SMS record.


Supported Dynamics customisations that you can rely on

The customisations made to enhance Dynamics with SMS capabilities are fully supported and provided through a Managed Solution . This Managed Solution can be easily installed or removed at anytime.

Dynamics Interface
How to get Started

What you need to get integrated?

1. First, you need a TxtSync account. It’s free to sign up and you only pay for the SMS you send out. Don't worry though, we give you free credit to start with!

2. You'll need your Microsoft Dynamics system administration to download and install the TxtSync Managed Solution. Your TxtSync credentials will need to be entered within the configuration page of the TxtSync Solution.

3. Download and install the TxtSync browser extension. The is an optional step that will greater increase your user experience.

Our SMS functionality

Super SMS features

We love our features and we've sure you will too! They make SMS communications and SMS marketing a doddle. We already offer loads of great ones with more in the pipeline as we continue coming up with amazing new ways to make your life easier! For example, our cloud-based SMS platform lets you easily send and receive messages while tracking delivery and engagement of your SMS marketing campaigns.

Send Text Messages
Receive Text Messages
Text message templates
Contact Database
GDPR Compliance
Media Library
Link Tracking
Flag important messages

SMS boasts a 98% read rate so you can be sure your messages will be seen!

Sample SMS

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