SMS in E-Commerce

Offer incentives to seal that deal as well as keep customers up to date on how their order is progressing

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SMS within E-Commerce

Let's talk e-commerce

E-commerce continues to grow by allowing customers to conveniently fit shopping around their busy lives. With mobile-friendly sites and smart phone usage on the rise, they can now make impulse purchases no matter where they are or what they’re doing. You can take advantage of this through targeted and direct SMS marketing that points back to your e-commerce site with incentives on purchases.

Customers expect to be kept updated

The downside to e-commerce is that customers don't walk away with their purchase in their hands straight after a sale. So, to ensure they receive a fantastic shopping experience form start to finish, you can keep them updated with every stage of their order via SMS. For example, send them a personalised SMS letting them know when the order has been dispatched and with who. Also, include a link and reference to the couriers tracking system. At TxtSync, we provide an API to our text messaging services so that you can easily add SMS capabilities to your shopping experience.

Word of Integration

Integrations into your favourite e-commerce apps

We’ve made it quick and easy for you to integrate our SMS services into your existing apps in a matter of seconds. Using the power of Zapier and Microsoft Flow we’re already integrated into some of the world’s largest e-commerce apps. These include WooCommerce, Amazon Seller Central, Magento, LemonStand, BigCommerce, BigCartel, Shopify & many more! Don't worry if yours is not on the list - new ones are added every week. And if you can't wait that long, we have a SMS API that allows you to incorporate our SMS services into your business workflow.

At a Glace

Our features that you will find useful in e-commerce

Customer Management

Keep a list of your customers along with their contact details. Don't let your database be a chore - with TxtSync, we provide handy tools to make your life easier.

Customer Interests

Manage your customers’ interests by tagging them into groups. By grouping contacts together you can easily reach out to them in the future.

Message Customers

Keep customers coming back for more by sending out incentives based on their interests. You can easily target a group of customers and send out a bulk message to everyone in seconds.


Using our API, you can easily add SMS capabilities to your customers’ shopping experience.

Personalised text messages

Talk one-to-one with customers

Send out incentives to loyal customers with that personal touch to keep them coming back for more. TxtSync allows you to easily add contact details within a message so that the customer feels like you’ve personally messaged them.

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Make SMS part of your customers shopping experience

We’ve made it incredibly simple for you to send SMS through our API. Make SMS part of each customer’s experience by including it within your shopping workflows. Use the API to send out dispatching information, or, offer incentives to purchase items left dormant in shopping baskets!
API not your thing? Then, check out our Zapier integration which will allow you to make SMS a part of your customers’ shopping experience using your existing software!

Contact Tags / Groups

Group customers based on interests

Knowing a customer's interest is important. Directly targeting them based on their interests is a game changer. Within TxtSync you can easily store customers’ interests by grouping through tags. You can then use these tag to send out messages that are relevant to those customers.

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Local Number Countries Supported


Reachable Destination Countries


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We love our SMS features and we're sure you will too!

Our SMS features aim to make SMS communication and SMS marketing a breeze for you. We already offer a large feature set which we’re continually growing as we come up with new amazing ways to make your life even easier!

Send SMS

Through TxtSync's online interface you can send out SMS directly to your customers’ mobile devices.

Receive SMS

Inbound SMS can be captured and automatically logged against your contacts with ease. All that’s needed is a dedicated number from us.


Just like you can on a mobile device, our online interface lets you have conversations directly with customers while they’re on the go.


Send out your SMS in bulk with just a few simple clicks and track the success of your campaign.

Delivery Reporting

Keep tabs on how many of your sent SMS messages are actually being delivered to your customers’ mobile devices.

SMS Templates

Save time by saving repetitive text messages as templates so they can be reused time and time again.


Keep your messaging personal and friendly by using our contact data merging to easily add contacts details just as first name.

Text Message Flagging

Keep track of important text messages by flagging them as important and leaving a note against them.

Contact Database

Keep a nice tidy address book of all contacts that you can send and receive SMS to and from.


Group your contacts by tags to organise your target marketing lists.

GDPR Opt In/Out

Control whether SMS can be sent to contacts by allowing your customers to opt in or out of SMS.

Media Library

Spice up your SMS campaigns by adding media such as images and videos.

Auto Replies

Not interested in receiving inbound SMS, but don't want to appear ignorant? Use an auto reply message to let the customer know.

Voice Message

Inform customers who dial your dedicated SMS number that the call cannot be answered by creating a pre-recorded message.

Scheduled Messaging

Write your text messages now and send them out when they will deliver the greatest impact.

Custom Fields

Store your own data about your contact in our custom fields.

Auto Topup

Never worry about that all-important messages not going out due to no funds by auto topping-up your accounts balance.

International Reach

Send SMS anywhere in the world with domestic pricing.

Dedicated Numbers

Set up your own dedicated number that receives inbound SMS from your customers.

Branded Sender ID

Increase your brand awareness with customers by sending your SMS from a custom Sender ID.

Personal Mobile Numbers

Send out SMS as if they were from your mobile phone, or alternatively, port your mobile phone over to our platform to receive messages as well.

Shared Numbers

Don't care about tracking branding or inbound SMS? Use our free global shared numbers.

Developer API

Incorporate SMS into your existing products with our simple RESTful SMS API that is highly available, scalable and reliable.

SMS boasts a 98% read rate so you can be sure your messages will be seen!

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