About Us

We are passionate about improving customer experiences through the use of SMS.

The TxtSync Journey

At TxtSync, we know that great customer communication and engagement can be achieved through SMS. That's why we’ve built a product around it! Our aim is to make SMS easy for all businesses, no matter their size or sector. A personal and relevant SMS is powerful, whether it’s to enhance your customer experience or promote your services. We’ve made it our mission to give this power to you.

What is TxtSync?

TxtSync is a Cloud-based SMS platform that at its heart sends out and receives SMS. We’ve built TxtSync so that it caters to different business scenarios. That’s why our product comes in 3 variants.

Standalone Application - This provides you with an intuitive web interface that you can use to manage your contact lists as well as send out and receive SMS. It’s designed to give you everything you need from the moment you sign up to our service.

API - Our standalone application is built on our own SMS API and we can offer this same API to you. Which means you can incorporate our SMS capabilities into your own product - reliably and at a low cost.

Integrations - We understand that you’ll likely have existing software that you use to run your business. It’s our aim to integrate our SMS services into these cloud products so that you can use our services with little setup effort.

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Our background

Our vast telecommunication’s experience means we’ve the specialised skills needed to produce a top quality SMS platform. We’ve extensive expertise in and around both building and using cloud-based telecommunications (Voice & SMS). We've also a solid background around CRM's (Customer Relationship Management) and Account Packages. So believe us when we say we understand how these applications are used to run the smallest to largest businesses.

As well as all this, we’ve strong roots in developing cloud-based products and understand the importance of creating a reliable cloud platform you can depend on. It’s why we’ve designed and built a platform that's resilient and scalable so that it can handle any load. We're very proud of it.

Our mission

We want to give you the power to improve your business’s revenue and customer experience through the power of SMS while keeping costs low and affordable. It’s as simple as that really. SMS usage is increasing as awareness in its potential increases. But, there’re still many businesses out there that could be benefiting and all for less than they thought!

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What we offer

  • Reliable low cost SMS pricing making it affordable for you to send more messages.
  • Tier 1 network connections for fast and reliable delivery of SMS.
  • Infrastructure hosted in Amazon Cloud for the highest quality tech available.
  • SSoftware that’s designed and built with your user-experience in mind.
  • UK support team always on hand to help out.
  • DDevelopment consultancy for when you need SMS in your system, but don't have your own developers to make it happen.

Where are we based?

Our main office is based in the city centre of Leicester

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Our office space

Do you like old beams, exposed brickwork….OK…and the odd bit of MDF? Then, you’ll love our offices. We’re based in an old Victorian hosiery mill that’s been converted into our very own high-tech heaven.

After spending many years as an abandoned mill – Sharp, along with Leicester Social Economic Consortium, who were also working in partnership with West End Builders, converted this stunning building into usable offices that are now home to over seven Leicester based SMEs.

Paying us a visit?

We like nothing more than getting visitors, especially when they want to talk about using our SMS services. Our Leicester office is only a short stroll from Leicester train station. Or, if you’re traveling by car, use Newark Street car park which is opposite our office.

TxtSync Limited,
Floor 3, Phoenix Yard,
5 – 9 Upper Brown Street,
Leicester, LE1 5TE

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