SMS Reporting

Know how your messaging and SMS marketing is working with our reporting service

We’ve made SMS reporting a breeze!

Being able to send and receive SMS as well as manage contacts and perform targeted marketing is a powerful tool. And we’ve made it even more powerful by giving you with the ability to see statistics and SMS reporting based on your activity. No longer will you be in the dark about how effective your recent SMS marketing campaign was, or, how frequently your customers get in touch. Take control with reporting!

SMS Delivery Reporting

Understand how many messages are being delivered

We track the delivery status of each SMS that’s sent out of our platform. This gives you a clear insight into which contacts you can reach and which you can't.

You can also keep your contact list neat, tidy and concise by clearing out any unreachable numbers. Remember, it’s not about the size of your contact list that matters, it’s the quality!

latestMessage - SMS Reporting - Gain Insight into your SMS Campaigns
dashboardUI - SMS Reporting - Gain Insight into your SMS Campaigns

View your system status from a simple dashboard

A full picture of your system is always available for you as a dashboard. With a quick glance you can see what’s been happening and how healthy your contact list is.

SMS Campaign Reporting

Understand how well your SMS campaign Is doing

A SMS marketing campaign is not just about delivering content to an audience. You need to analyse the results to see whether it was a success or if tweaks are needed.

Our SMS campaign reports track the open rates of the media that you included in your message. This allows you to identify which customers were engaged in your content and worth following up on.

campaignOverview - SMS Reporting - Gain Insight into your SMS Campaigns
history - SMS Reporting - Gain Insight into your SMS Campaigns
SMS Statistics

Keep track of your message statistics

We keep track of all your SMS statistics over their lifetime. This lets you understand your traffic levels and whether they are increasing or decreasing, which depending on your type of operation, could be a good or a bad thing. What’s important, is that you have the statistics you need to make the decisions you need to make.

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