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We’ve loads of fab features that make it easy to send and receive messages while tracking delivery and engagement of your SMS marketing campaigns


We love our SMS features and you will too!

Our SMS features make SMS communications and SMS marketing a breeze. We already offer a large choice, but we’re not stopping there. We’ll continue coming up with amazing new ways to make your life easier and your SMS campaigns more successful!

Send SMS

Send SMS messages directly to your customers’ mobiles through our easy-to-use online interface.

Receive SMS

Inbound SMS can be captured and automatically logged against your contacts with ease. All you need is a dedicated number from us.

Have Conversations

ur online interface lets you hold conversations directly with customers while they’re on the go.


Send out your SMS in bulk within just a few simple clicks and track the success of your campaign.

Delivery Reporting

Keep tabs on how many of your sent SMS are actually being delivered to your customers mobile devices.

SMS Templates

Save time by saving repetitive text messages as a template so that they can be reused time and time again.


Keep your messaging personal and friendly by using our contact data merging to easily add contacts details just as firstname to a SMS.

Text Message Flagging

Keep track of all your important text messages by flagging them up and leaving a note against them.

Contact Database

Keep a nice tidy address book of all your contacts who you can send and receive SMS to and from.


Group your contacts by tags to organise your target marketing lists.

GDPR Opt In/Out

Control which customers receive your SMS marketing by allowing them to opt in or out.

Media Library

Don’t do dull - bring your SMS campaigns to life by adding media such as images and videos.

Auto Replies

Not interested in receiving SMS, but don't want to appear ungrateful when you get them? Use our auto reply messaging to let customers know.

Voice Message

Use a pre-recorded message to let any customers dialling your dedicated number know that their call cannot be answered.

Scheduled Messaging

Plan and write all your text messages in one go, then, send them out when they’ll deliver the greatest impact.

Custom Fields

Store your own data about your contact in our custom fields.

Auto Topup

Never worry about that all-important SMS message not going out due to lack of funds by auto topping up the balance of your account.

Go International

Send SMS anywhere in the world with domestic pricing.

Dedicated Numbers

Set up your own dedicated number that receives all inbound SMS from your customers.

Branded Sender ID

Increase your brand awareness with customers by sending your SMS from a custom Sender ID.

Personal Mobile Numbers

Send SMS as if they’re from your mobile phone as well as port your mobile phone over to our platform to also receive messages.

Shared Numbers

Don't need to track branding or inbound SMS? Then use our free global shared numbers.

Developer API

Incorporate SMS into your existing products with our simple RESTful SMS API. It’s highly available, scalable and reliable.


SMS can benefit any industry

Whatever your business, we’ll give you the power to better communicate with your customers via SMS. We’ve created some handy guides on how our SMS services can benefit your individual industry - check them out below.


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