Account Approval Process

With great power comes great responsibility...

We’ve a responsibility to make sure our SMS service is being used correctly

SMS is extremely powerful. Unfortunately fraudulent users know this and will try to abuse it for their benefit at the expense of others. For this reason, we’ve made it our responsibility to ensure that everyone using our text messaging service is legit and working within the law at all times.

This is why we have a simple and straightforward account approval process which is shown below. It’s just a formality and if you’re not doing anything illegal – which we’re sure you’re not - you’ve nothing to worry about and your account will be quickly approved.

smartmockups joflvn9g - Account Approval Process

01. Account Approval Submission

From the web interface dashboard click on the ‘Verify Account’ button. You’ll then need to follow the wizard which will guide you through the information we need to verify your account. It’s important at this stage to be truthful in the details you enter as a decision on your account’s approval will be made on the validity of the information provided.

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02. Submission Decision

A notification will be sent to TxtSync requesting your account be vetted for approval. Your contact details and business will be verified. During this process a member of the TxtSync team may choose to contact you if we’ve any further questions. If there is a slight hint of foul play, such as by signing up using a temporary email addresses or virtual phone numbers, your account will be rejected instantly. If everything checks out, you’ll receive an email notifying you of your account’s approval. The vetting process is typically very quick, providing your details are valid.

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03. Adding a Payment Method

Before you can start sending out text messages or purchase any of the add-on subscriptions, such as dedicated numbers, you’ll need to add a payment method on to your account. TxtSync works on a basis that you pay for what you use and so you must be in a position where your payment method can be charged for text message usage.


04. Send a SMS

Now, the only thing left to do is to start enjoying the benefits of our SMS service. Happy messaging!

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Give Us a Poke

Need to rush the account approval process through or not happy with our decision with your approval request? Just get in touch.