SMS Affiliate Scheme

Amazing things can happen when we work together. Refer customers to TxtSync and earn 10% commission on every single purchase they make for the lifetime of the referred customer!

Earn 10% Commission

TxtSync will pay you 10% commission from orders made by your referred customers on our SMS Affiliate Scheme.

All Purchases Count

You earn commission on any product or service that the referred customer purchases from TxtSync.

Earn Lifetime Commission

So long as your referred customer continues to make purchases through TxtSync you will receive your commission.

Are you a Microsoft Gold or Silver Partner looking to sell on our Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution?

We understand that delivering a Dynamics CRM project is complex which is why we'll go that extra mile to help you out.

Free Demo Environment

TxtSync will provide a free subscription for a Dynamics CRM demo environment setup.


TxtSync will provide help and guidance to Dynamics CRM partners.

Customisation Flexibility

TxtSync's Dynamics CRM integration is built to allow partners to extend SMS capabilities.

Dynamics Chat 1 - SMS Affiliate Scheme

How does the SMS Affiliate Scheme work?

To start earning commission you need to join the TxtSync SMS Affiliate Scheme and refer a customer to TxtSync through your affiliate link or code.

  1. First you must signup for a TxtSync account. You will receive a welcome email to confirm your email address.
  2. Log into your TxtSync account and from the dashboard request for your account to be vetted and approved.
  3. From the TxtSync web applications SMS Affiliate page you can request to join the scheme
  4. On accepting the terms TxtSync will provide you with a referral link and code that uniquely represents you as an affiliate.
  5. You can then use the referral link to signup customers. Once a customer signs up through the link they will be associated to you.
  6. When your referred customer purchases a TxtSync product or service the order will be logged as your referred sale.
  7. Once your commission reaches £30 you will be able to make a withdrawal to your PayPal account.
  8. From the web applications SMS Affiliate page you will be able to track all your referrals and transactions made.

TxtSync SMS Affiliate Scheme Rules

Please read through our high level rules below. Before joining our SMS Affiliate Scheme you will be required to accept our terms.

  • You cannot refer yourself or existing customers through your referral link.
  • You will only receive payment on invoicing TxtSync.
  • You cannot use branded keywords on pay per click adverts.
  • You cannot use spam methods to promote your referral link.
  • You must refer customers that are using SMS for business purposes.
  • You can only use Trade Marks only to the extent required to promote your referral link.
  • Advertising of your referral link cannot contain any unlawful, harmful, threatening, obscene, discriminatory, sexual, or otherwise objectionable content.
  • You can only withdraw once you reach £30 commission.
  • You can only withdraw commission into a PayPal account.

SMS Affiliate Scheme FAQ

Take a look through our frequently asked questions and you might find what your looking for.

No you can’t. Our SMS Affiliate Scheme is an automated process and commission will only be transferred PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can easily set one up here.

You can access your details from the TxtSync web applications SMS Affiliate page.

No you can’t. In order to control transaction fees and keep them at a sensible level you can only withdraw a balance of £30 or more.

To transfer monies to your PayPal account TxtSync incurs a small transaction fee from PayPal. This transaction fee is passed on to you as the referrer and is automatically taken from the commission being transferred.

When a referral makes a purchase your commission is instantly tracked but doesn’t come available for withdraw until 1 month after the purchase. TxtSync ensures that all purchases are valid before allowing the commission to be withdrawn.

As your referred customers make purchases your commission is tracked. Once your commission reaches £30 you will be able to withdraw your entire balance. It is your responsibility to frequently check your commission balance from the TxtSync web applications SMS Affiliate page. So long as you have attached your PayPal account to TxtSync you will be any to manually withdraw your commission.

Of course you can! The more customers you refer the more cash you are likely to earn through commission.

To become an affiliate you need to signup for a TxtSync account and request for your account to be vetted. You can then request to become an affiliate here. On accepting our terms, you’ll receive a referral link that can be used to signup customers. These customers will be associated as your referred sales. As they make purchases you will receive 10% commission on those purchases.

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