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Send and receive text messages via Google Chrome

Google Chrome Extension

Don't be limited by just your CRM - Use TxtSync from any website

Being able to browser the web and send targeted text messages would be a dream for most people however here at TxtSync it is all possible out the box. Simply install our Google Chrome Extension and away you go! You'll be able to send and receive text messages, create targeted text message campaigns, view your contacts regardless of what website you are browsing at the time.

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Contact Tags

Group your contacts

Manage contacts by tagging them with their relevant interests. This means you can be more targeted and relevant when sending out your SMS marketing campaigns. For compliance, a contact can choose to unsubscribe from a tag so that they no longer receive your SMS marketing to that group.


Opt in / Opt out

You can state whether a customer wishes to receive your messages or not. What’s more, your contacts can opt themselves out by just texting STOP back. On your main Txtsync dashboard you will always be able to see all your contacts and how many have opted in or out of your SMS messaging.

Contact Rating
Contact Rating

Gain an insight into contact responsiveness

We keep track of a 5-star rating for every contact which is a gauge for how responsive each one is to your messaging.

Activity History

Every contact has a timeline of activity

We track the interactions between yourself, your customer and their actions. Overtime this builds up a timeline of activity. This allows you to see exactly how reactive contacts are to your SMS messaging.

SMS Conversations

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