The Benefits of SMS

The statistics speak for themselves. SMS can transform your business and give you the competitive edge. So get with the program or get left behind...

Target Audience

We want to highlight some of the statistics and benefits of SMS. Let’s start with how accessible SMS is.

The Potential Reachable Audience

SMS can be delivered to anyone who has a mobile phone. The statistics show a forecast of the number of smartphone users in the UK from 2015 to 2022. In 2022, the number of monthly active smartphone users is projected to grow steadily reaching a staggering 53.96 million people. Of these, 69% would be willing to opt into receiving personal and relevant SMS from businesses.

This shows there’s a huge audience out there who can receive your messages.

Due to the nature of mobile phones, people always keep them close by and easily accessible. This means your SMS messages are instantly viewed as soon as they’re delivered.

UK Mobile Phone Users in Millions

Raw Statistics

The Good, The Bad and The Down Right Ugly

Emails have become the bread and butter of marketing when it comes to getting brand messaging out. It’s widely considered a cheap way to distribute messages, but how effective is it really? Let’s compare it to SMS marketing!

Text messaging statistics


Read Rate


Click Through Rate


Response Rate



Email marketing statistics


Read Rate


Click Through Rate


Response Rate


Conversation Rate

Ouch! So, Let's Explain The Statistics

Read Rate is the percentage of people who will open up your message and read its content.

Click Through Rate is the percentage of people who will click on the links contained within your message to see the associated content.

Response Rate is the percentage of people who will reply back to your message.

Conversation Rate is the percentage of people who will purchase your goods or services off the back of reading your message.

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Messaging by SMS is clearly far more effective at getting your content noticed. Years of abuse from email spam has seen email read rates drop, largely because email content tends to be impersonal or not relevant. SMS on the other hand is a clear channel that isn't abused. Also, customers expect text messages to be personal and relevant as they’ve actively given their mobile number out.

Whats the most useful type of message?

Personal and Relevant Notifications

Consumer engagement through SMS is more than simply opting in for promotion or voucher codes. Customers freely offer their mobile numbers in exchange for important and relevant information they can rely on. This is why these kinds of messages are normally considered a one-way service and can increase customer satisfaction.

Delivery Updates


Order Confirmations

Vouchers and Discounts

Appointment Reminders

Loyalty Programs

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Previewing Web Links

Pushing the Boundaries with Modern Day Smart Phones

A text message doesn’t have to be, well, just text. That’s old school! Today’s super-smart smart phones are starting to show previews of web links. Which is exactly what people are used to seeing on social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.

All you have to do is include a web link of an image or website at the top, or bottom, of your message. The mobile phone then shows a preview alongside the text. This gives your messages greater impact which leads to greater likelihood that a customer will click through to your all-important web link.

On The Move

SMS is Accepted as Part of Everyday Life

These days, people live hectic lives and are always on the move. But wherever life takes them, you can guarantee they’ll have their mobile phone by their side. As shown by 52.4 % of global web traffic now originating from mobile devices.

SMS is part of a mobile user’s lifestyle and it can be used by way of notifying them about important events which they might have forgotten about. Like an upcoming appointment to the dentist or MOT at the garage.

The beauty of the humble SMS is that it’s not dependent on the mobile phone user having an app installed on their phone. So you can always guarantee that your message will be delivered to the recipient’s mobile device and can be easily read.

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In Summary

What are the Key Benefits of SMS?

smsBenefits - Benefits of SMS could help your business prosper
  • Consumers are happy to freely opt in to receiving SMS without incentives

  • It can handle multimedia web links
  • More and more people are using smart phones
  • It’s extremely versatile in its uses
  • SMS is the fastest growing communication tool
  • It’s an instant and direct form of communication
  • It’s very effective for notifications, alerts and marketing messages
  • SMS has an incredible open and click through rate
  • People accept it as part of everyday life
  • Customers prefer a text message over a phone call from a business
Did you know?

Fun Statistics about the World of Text Messaging

  • More than 560 billion text messages are sent monthly all over the world.
  • Around 18.7 billion text messages are sent worldwide every day.
  • Including text applications like WhatsApp around 60 billion text message are sent worldwide a day.
  • SMS is the most widely used service all around the world.
  • More than 200 thousand text messages per second are sent by people around the world, that is, about 7 trillion messages per year.
  • Nearly 78% of people would like to have a text conversation with a business.
  •  79% of bosses use text messages in business purposes and are supportive of texting in business.
  • About 44% of consumers rather prefer to start texting than to wait long for an agent’s response on the line.
  • In sales process, texting with a qualified team lead can boost conversions up to 100%.
  • 72% of business experts are more likely to prefer messaging over instant messaging apps and text messaging.
  • Phone calls are 10 times slower than texting.
  • Open rate of text messaging is 98%.
  • Average reading time of the message is within 3 minutes.
  • Average response rate of the text is 45%.
  • On average, students at college spend about 94 minutes per day for messaging.
  • Averagely, it takes only 5 seconds to read text message.
  • 23 hours per week is spent by an average adult on texting.
  • 96% of people who have smartphones do text.
  • 33% of Millennials’ mobile usage is taken by messaging.
  • 90% of leads are preferred to be texted, as compared to be called.
  • In business, text message response rates are 295% higher than the rates from the phone calls.

The statistics have been collected from a range of credible sources.