Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMS Integration

Enhance the power of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution by adding our SMS capabilities. Send and receive messages with full transparency across entites within Dynamics 365.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 SMS Integration

Looking at exploring SMS Text Messaging within Microsoft Dynamics 365? Then look no further! TxtSync provides a native integraiton direct into Microsoft Dynamics to provide you with all the tools you require to utilise SMS Text Messaging.
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A glance at our Dynamics 365 SMS Intergration

The Ultimate SMS Integration into Microsoft Dynamics!

Microsoft Dynamics is a powerful CRM that can be used to model and automate your business processes.
You can be sending and receiving text messages without leaving your CRM!

Natural SMS Conversations

Our user interface allows you to have natural SMS conversations exactly how you would do on a phone.

Inbound SMS Notifications

Never miss an inbound SMS while working within Dynamics with our inbound SMS Notifications.

Automatic SMS Through Workflow

Our solution provides a workflow component that can be used within any existing or new process to send out SMS.

Dataverse Automation

Send SMS through our PowerApps connector and continue to track within your CRM.

Global SMS Readability

No 3rd party SMS gateway required. Send SMS to 207 different countries at domestic pricing

GDPR Compliance

GDPR SMS consent opt in/out with tracking. Reply STOP to turn of text message delivery

Marketing Lists

Quickly send bulk SMS, including images, directly from marketing lists without the need for any additional customisations.

Out of CRM Roaming

Send and receive SMS outside of Microsoft Dynamics will still be logged as SMS history within Dynamics CRM.

SMS Dashboard

Easily view your send and receive rates on a month by month basis on our Dynamics dashboard.

Contact Synchronisation

TxtSync can automatically synchronise with your Dynamics contacts, accounts and leads allowing you to communicate with your contacts in TxtSync.

SMS Syncronisation

TxtSync can automatically match up and track SMS within Dynamics against the relevant contacts, accounts and leads.

Supported Customisations

TxtSync allows you to jump into an SMS Campaign or view contact summary profiles through supported customisations.

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No hidden fees

We do not provide heavy setup costs, massive monthly fees depending on users. One simple price for your SMS integration into Microsoft Dynamics
Dynamics 365 Integration
£450 £350 £249
Full integration to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Customer Service, Sales)
Two-way SMS
Automated SMS

Trigger an SMS directly through Dynamics Processes and PowerApps

Tracking and Reporting

Campaign Tracking & Delivery Reporting available directly within Dynamics

Channel Integration Framework Plugin
Inbound Screen Pops
Natural Chat Window For SMS
Quickly Send Bulk SMS From Marketing Lists
Free 14 Day Trial
£6000 £499
/mo (minimum)/yr
Enterprise plans to support high volume customers
UK Support Team
Application & Development Support
24/7 Support
Dedicated Account Manager
Service Level Agreements
Bespoke Solutions
Discounted rates for high volume SMS
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Gain an understanding of your customer's engagement

Through synchronisation your contact's SMS statistics will be synced into Microsoft Dynamics. Details on total inbound, outbound and failed messaging is exposed, along with links sent, links clicked and a calculated customer engagement rating.

User Interface that delivers the ultimate user experience for SMS in Dynamics

Using TxtSync's Microsoft Dynamic 365 integration you will experience a simplistic, but intuitive interface for sending and receiving SMS.

Never miss an inbound SMS with our screen pops and say goodbye to creating SMS activity records to actually send an SMS. With our UI you can easily have a natural SMS conversation with your customers like you would on a mobile.

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What versions of Microsoft Dynamics are supported?

Out of the box Microsoft Dynamics 365 is fully supported both on-premise and in the cloud. We also provide backwards compatability up to Microsoft Dynamics 2016. When it comes to an On Premise deployment, we require full compliance from your IT provider to ensure your Dynamics CRM can communicate accordingly with the TxtSync platform.

Do I need to hire an engineer to install the solution?

No! We pride ourselves in that our integration is simply 5 clicks and it will be fully available within the CRM without any changes required. You are free to adapt your system to provide more processes to utilise SMS Text Message but this is not a requirement. A typical install takes around 20 minutes (depending on Microsoft platform)

Where is the data stored?

TxtSync is a serverless architectured platform powered by both Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Data is stored in the United Kingdom, Europe, USA and Australia depending on the platform you are assigned when signing up to become a customer. Enterprise customers can discuss with us around a self hosted solution at an additonal cost.

Does this work with the Dataverse / PowerApps / PowerAutomate?

Yes it does! Check out our integration here: #### for more information.

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