Dynamics SMS Integration Updates (v1.0.6)

We have been busy making our Dynamics CRM SMS Integration even better! Here is whats available now in version 1.0.6 to both Dynamics 2016 and Dynamics 365.

Automate Appointment Notifications by SMS

Included as part of our solution is a new workflow component that will allow you to send SMS to all Accounts, Contacts and Leads that are in the appointments Required list. This workflow component can be used to set up notifications for when you schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment. You can also use the component to send out appointment reminders.

Contact Engagement Statistics

The contact engagement statistics are now synced to the relevant Contact, Account or Lead every time an SMS is sent or received. The statistics are used to produce the 0 – 5 star rating which is an indication on how engaged a customer is with your messaging. Exposing these statistics within Dynamics will allow you to build your own customisations around the statistics.

Auto Set Regarding on Inbound SMS

Now when we receive an inbound SMS we will check the last known outbound SMS for the phone numbers involved. If the last known outbound SMS is known to be regarding a record then the inbound SMS is set to be regarding the same record.

Reply STOP Updates Contact Preferences

When a reply of STOP is received the associated Account, Contact or Lead will have its Contact Preference for SMS set to Do Not Allow. You will no longer be able to send SMS to the customer until the Contact Preference is updated to Allow.

Contact Preference Dashboard

We now include as part of our solution a dashboard that shows you the overall opted-in and opted-out for communications by SMS

We hope you enjoy these new additional features to our Microsoft Dynamics SMS Integration!

Interested in Knowing More?

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