Post-Pandemic Customer Retention– A New Paradigm

New Paradigm

All businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the consequent lockdown measures have resulted in wide ranging repercussions.

As a result of social distancing and new Government guidelines for how businesses can re-open and operate, every company will need to develop new ways of doing business with their customers.

Now more than ever before it is vital for businesses to maintain a high level of communication with its customers during the recovery from this crisis.

Continued engagement, regular updates and ideally dialogue are therefore critical to ensure effective customer retention.

At TxtSync we have seen a real surge in the use of SMS as a simple and easy means of staying connected with your customers and we quickly offered additional free credits to support this continued communication during these unprecedented times.

TxtSync enables true dialogue with your customers rather than 1-way messaging resulting in real customer engagement through meaningful conversations.

The pandemic has seen a massive increase in the number of consumers heading online and embracing digital technology and arguably these have become the most important channels in which businesses now interact with their customers.

That is why we are confident that SMS communication will remain a cornerstone in any evolving Business Continuity Plan across all business sectors.

Here are some examples of how some business sectors have harnessed the power of text messaging:


Examples of Harnessing the Power of SMS in the New Paradigm



Customer Retention

Whilst the marketplace may appear to be challenging at present this creates opportunities for ‘switched on’ companies to achieve greater customer retention.

Customers habits have changed because of the pandemic with customer loyalty patterns disrupted.

Changing supply and demand balances have seen customers with no other option but to shop around and out of necessity try new products.

Communication regarding product availability is key whether available in store or online only.

In situations where stock is unavailable then regular communication as to when stock levels will be replenished and accessible is also critical.

Successful companies in this new paradigm will be those that are most accomplished at building and strengthening customer loyalty with established and new customers particularly in out of stock situations.

Enhancing digital capabilities such as revamping a website, amplifying social media presence, or harnessing the power of SMS can be highly productive in terms of improving communication to achieve customer retention.

Effective, impactful communication will not only retain existing customers but attract and retain new customers with the potential to achieve long term customer loyalty

How a company acts, behaves and communicates with their customers will be key to making them feel appreciated, engaged and ultimately loyal.

We recommend considering the following Building Blocks when assessing your own approach to Customer Retention:


Building Blocks for Achieving High Customer Retention


All lifestyles have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic with a strong dependence on digital technology to communicate and stay connected with family, loved ones and business colleagues.

We believe it is the ‘switched on’ companies that maintain a strong online presence and that not only embrace but excel in the use of digital technologies such as text messaging that will recover most quickly and prosper in the new business paradigm