Setting Up Your First Bulk SMS Campaign

Reaching out to your customer through SMS marketing is a great way to put your brand, product or service in the spot light. The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign is to make your messaging relevant, short and personalised.  To maximise the engagement of your campaign you should also send out your messaging at a time more suited to deliver greater impact.

TxtSync provides you with the tools to easily deliver an impacting SMS marketing campaign. This simple guide will help you through setting up your first campaign

Getting started with the campaign wizard

Firstly you will need to log on to TxtSync account and make sure you have some contacts saved. If you have, then you’re ready to start your SMS marketing campaign.

  • From the navigation menu click Campaigns.
  • This screen will list all your past and current campaigns along with some basic statistics. To create a new campaign click Add Campaign.
  • The campaign wizard will now open which is designed to guide you through the process of sending out your messages.
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Handy tip!

No matter what page you are viewing you can always click on Send Bulk Text Campaign to jump straight into the campaign wizard. If you are using our chrome extension you can also start the campaign wizard from the Send SMS button.

Step 1 - Selecting the target audience

The first stage is to select the contacts you wish to target with your messaging. You can select multiple contacts by name or number. You may also select groups of contacts through by tags. It is worth noting that each contact has an Allow SMS flag. TxtSync will only send SMS to contacts where this flag is set to Yes. That is even the case if you select the contact when choosing your target audience.

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What are Tags?

Tags allow you to group your contacts so that you can be more targeted with your SMS campaign. For example a good idea would be to group your contacts by interests. This will allow you to send messages more suited to their interests, which in turn will increase engagement and return of investment.

  • To specify a contact to target click on Search here!
  • Type the name, number or tag you wish to target.
  • Select the target from the dropdown.
  • Now Click Save Campaign.
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Step 2 - Composing your message

You’re now at a point where you can compose your message.  You should look to keep you message short, sweet and to the point. To help your message be more attention grabbing you can personalise it through using our merged fields. The use of imagery or weblinks can be utilised to deliver impact and emoji’s can add personality.

Let’s send out a simple greeting message with a smiley face.

  • Click in the message composer box and type ‘hello
  • Now click on the merge field button which is represented by a crayon.
  • Select Insert First Name from the options.
  • Now add another space and select the emoji button that is represented by a smiley face.
  • Select which ever emoji suits your mood.
  • Now click Continue to next step.
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Message composer key

  1. Emoji Picker – Here you will be able to add personality to your messages by including your favourite emojis to suit the mood. 😍
  2. File Picker – Allows you to upload files, such as images or PDFs and attach them to the text message.
  3. Web Link Picker – Allows you to add web links to your messaging.
  4. Template Picker – Allows you to save a message as a template or insert an already created template.
  5. Data Meger – Allows you to merge contact field data into the message.
  6. Composer – Where you can type the message to send.
  7. Usage – Informs you how many text message parts your message is made up of.

Watch out!

A standard text is 160 characters. If you add emoji’s your available characters per text is reduced to 70 (Sorry it’s just how text messaging works). You should keep in mind the size of your messaging along with the size of your target audience to make sure you are comfortable with costs.

Step 3 - Further details

The next step allows you to give a friendly name to your campaign so that it can be saved and reviewed at any time. At this point you can also select the number or branded sender to send the message from.

What's the difference

A dedicated number, or longcode allows for 2 way messaging. So if you were to send a campaign message out your target contacts could reply back to you.

A branded sender ID is typically a name that represents your brand or company that the recipients will see when they get your message.  Branded Sender IDs can be up to 11 alpha-numeric characters and only allow for one way messaging.

Please note!

If you are sending to a US, or Canadian number you cannot use branded sender id. Sorry but laws are laws and there is nothing that can be done about it.

  • For the purpose of this guide leave the friendly name of your campaign as ‘My first campaign’.
  • Then in the number drop down select the number your wish to send from. It is likely at this point you will only have access to TxtSync’s shared numbers.
  • Finally you can choose whether you wish to track inbound responses back into the campaign. Leave this as No.
  • Now click Continue to next step.
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Step 4 - Preview

On the preview page TxtSync will tell you how many contacts your message is going to and what the rough cost will be. If this point the cost is an estimate as the carrier route and merge field size is unknown until the message has been sent.

At this point you have the option of sending out your message or scheduling it to be sent out at a more suited time to deliver great impact. For the purpose guide select Let’s send this message!

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We have lift off!

Your campaign messages will now be queue and sent out in a controlled manor. The campaign wizard will now take you to the dashboard where you will be able to view statistics around your campaign. You will be able to view the following:

  • Delivery reporting on your messages.
  • Exact campaign cost which calculated each processed message.
  • How long it took to send out your messages.
  • How many weblinks and images you included in the message.
  • Click through rates.
  • Recipients and their activity.
  • Inbound responses (Only if you chose to track responses)
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We hope that you found this guide useful. However, if you still have questions or want to know more please free to contact us