How to Send Appointment Notifications by SMS in Dynamics

Sending appointment notifications by SMS is a great way to inform attendees on whats going on. Whether you are scheduling, cancelling, or sending out reminders, keeping attendees up to date will give them confidence in your service and reduce the likelihood of a no show.

This guide will take you through the process of sending out SMS notifications when scheduling an appointment within Dynamics 

Please note, in this guide we have assumed you have gone through the Getting Started Guide to get TxtSync installed and configured 👍

It is also worth noting that the principals applied in this guide can be used for cancelling, rescheduling and sending our reminder notifications by SMS.

Sending Scheduled Appointment SMS Notifications

Prerequisite: You must have Synchronisation turned on for the entities you wish to send SMS to.

Please follow the steps below to setup you scheduled appointment notifications:

  • Within Dynamics go to Settings > Customisations and click Customise the System.
  • In the solution window select Processes from the Components header.
  • Click New.
  • Enter a Process name of Appointment – Scheduled Notification
  • Set the Category to be Workflow.
  • For Entity select Appointment.
  • Click OK
  • Set the Scope to Organisation.
  • Make sure that Start when Record is created is checked.
  • Now click Add Step.
  • Under the TxtSync select Send Appointment SMS.
  • Now click Set Properties.
  • In FromNumber enter a number that you have access to within your TxtSync account.
  • In Message enter the message you would like to send. You can use Dynamic Values to place in the Appointment details. You can also use TxtSync’s template fields to personalise the message. For example you can use {{FirstName}} or {{FullName}}.
  • Click Save and Close.

What does this do?

The TxtSync workflow component will locate all the Accounts, Contacts and Leads within the Required Attendees field and attempt to send them an SMS.

Only records who have their Contact Preference for SMS set to allow will be messaged, providing that they have been sync’ed to TxtSync.

Also, If your appointment was regarding a record, the SMS records created will also be regarding the same record.

Finally click Activate and in the Process Activate Confirmation box click Activate.

Testing the Scheduled Appointment Notification

To test your new workflow create a contact record with your mobile number. Make sure that the contact preferences for SMS is set to allow. Also make sure that you have sync turned on for Contacts. Once done, create an appointment with your contact as Required. Finally click save and you will receive an SMS shortly after.

Hopefully you found this guide helpful.