Dynamics SMS Integration Updates (v1.0.1)

We have been busy making our Dynamics CRM SMS Integration even better! Here is whats available now in version 1.0.1 to both Dynamics 2016 and Dynamics 365.

GDPR & Synchronization Control

We now allow you to control which Contacts, Accounts & Leads get synced across to TxtSync. You will find for each area within the Contact Preferences a new option called SMS. If this is set to Allow then the record in question will be synced to TxtSync. By default this option is set to Do Not Allow for every recordIf you set this option to Allow you you are stating that the customer is happy for you to contact them by SMS and so they will be added to TxtSync as a contact.

Synchronisation is an important element that powers the TxtSync integration. It gives you the ability to have nature SMS conversations with your customers, like you would do on a mobile phone. It also allows inbound SMS to automatically sync up against the correct contact in CRM. In adding this option we now give you the control over exactly what gets synced. This is perfect when you have a large contact database and you only want to engage with a subset of your customers by SMS.

A few points to note:

This SMS field can also be used in your own workflows before sending out an SMS to ensure that you have permission to contact the customer by SMS.

If you are sending a manual SMS through the CRM and have included a reference to the Contact, Account or Lead you will be notified that consent to be contacted by SMS hasn’t yet been given if the SMS field is set to Do Not Allow.

If the customer had previously given consent and since asked to not be contacted by SMS, setting the field to Do Not Allow will update the contact in TxtSync to not allow SMS. No further synchronisation will occur against the record until the SMS field is set back to Allow.

Send SMS by Record Creation

It is now possible to send an SMS directly from the CRM by creating an SMS record. In allowing this feature we have made it easier for you to extend our SMS capabilities through workflow and plugins.

We have also tied the sending of an SMS through this method to a trigger field that is protected by field level security. This allows you to control which users can and can’t send SMS directly within the CRM.

Finally we have added the ability for an admin user to define the usable phone numbers to send from. In doing this Dynamics native security roles and share functionality can determine which users have access to which phone numbers.

We hope you enjoy these new additional features to our Microsoft Dynamics CRM SMS Integration!

Interested in Knowing More?

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