Fill Positions Quicker with SMS in Temp Recruitment

When it comes to temporary recruitment, job placements come and go very quickly. There can be pressure to fill placements from the list of candidates you keep. Simply put – not fulfilling the job placement could lead to the disaster of losing a client to a rival agency. 🤬

As a business you want to grow and become more profitable. What you want to spend your time on is winning new business from new clients and growing your candidate list. In order to achieve this, you need to spend less time attempting to place candidates in the first place.

If you’re finding yourself spending large portions of your day ringing up candidates to place them, or emailing to check availability, you should evaluate your strategy. Phone calls take time – people like to chat… and it’s a one to one conversation. Not ideal if you have a huge list of candidates to get through. Email, well, no one checks email… That’s a problem because you need to fill that placement fast and can’t wait for someone to check their inbox.

What you should be considering is whether you can speed up the process using SMS!

Here are some benefits you can leverage with TxtSync SMS solution:

Communicate to all candidates at once

Using our bulk SMS wizard you can quickly initiate a SMS conversation with all of your candidates in one go. You simply write your message once, state who you are targeting and each candidate will receive a personalised text. This is great for quickly asking who is available for a temporary job placement that has just come available. Now all you need to do is wait for the responses to come in.

Personalised Bulk Message

Quick conversations between recruitment agencies and candidates

With SMS, 90% of messages are read within 3 minutes. With the nature of the messing being short and direct, it’s very likely the candidate will quickly reply – even if they are busy at that point in time. This will lead to a quick interchange of messages which will determine if they want the placement or not.

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Keeping your messages relevant and personal

For SMS to deliver the greatest impact your messages need to be short and relevant. TxtSync allows you to manage your candidate’s interests by tagging them. When sending your bulk messages, you can quickly select contacts with a specific interest to target them directly. Also by merging fields, such as FirstName, into your SMS you can personalised what is delivered to your candidates.

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Sending media over SMS

With our solution we allow you to easily send a SMS that has media attached to it. For example, if you have details about a job in a PDF you can send the candidate a text with the PDF. No need to worry about the cost! We host the file for you and include a short link to access it. All you need is for your candidate to have a smart phone.

In the UK, by 2022, the number of monthly active smartphone users is projected to grow steadily reaching a staggering 53.96 million people. So, you should be fine! 👍

Sending web content

If you have specific info on the job you can send it across in a text message. For example, if the candidate asks for details of where the job is you could send them a link to the company’s website or Google maps. Don’t worry about the cost of the length of the links as we shorten them for you to save you money. 😘

Received Message

Note: Modern phones preview the image directly under the message.

Opening up the Link

Adopting SMS as a communication channel will really make a difference to your recruitment agency. Simply put its going to save your business time and help you get placements fulfilled quicker. SMS is also a preferred method of contact for most people. It’s WIN WIN! 😎

Interested in finding out more?

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TxtSync also has integrations into Microsoft Flow and Zapier which can be used to make our SMS services part of your existing recruitment software. We are always interested to know whether we can make your lives easier with an integration into any of your existing recruitment software.