You Can Now Send & Receive SMS in Microsoft Dynamics CRM using TxtSync

If you are using Microsoft Dynamics within your business the chances are you have customized the CRM to meet the needs of the business. It’s also likely that these customisations are modeling and automating your business workflows. With TxtSync’s Microsoft Dynamics integration you can include SMS into your existing business workflows and instantly improve your customer communications.! 📢

Good communication and engagement is a differentiating factor in customer loyalty and retention. It should be in any businesses best interest to provide the best level communication they can do to their customers. Communication by SMS provides a channel that is not saturated in which 98% of the messages, or notifications you send out will be opened and read.

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Automate SMS with Workflows

Our solution provides you with a workflow step that can be used to reliably send global SMS at little cost. All you need to do is provide the source number, destination number and the message content. We’ll do the rest for you. It really that simple!

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Quick Conversations Over SMS

Our solution also allows you to manually have real-time SMS conversations with your customers directly from within Microsoft Dynamics. With SMS, all your customers need is a mobile phone to receive your messages while they are on the move. In this day and age practically everyone has one, 95% of UK house holds have access to a mobile phone to be exact! No additional apps or email clients are required, just a bog standard mobile phone. 📱

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Also keep in mind that a conversation by SMS is usually a quick interchange of messages. Saving you time and money while quickly dealing with whatever the conversation was about!

Reliable and Affordable SMS in Microsoft Dynamics

Interested in reaping some of the benefits our Microsoft Dynamics SMS solution could offer you? Then check out our solution for free and experience all of its features on offer. 😄

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