How to perform a contains data check in Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow doesn’t have “contains data” or “does not contain data” operator options in its condition action. It is still possible to perform a “contains data” search by using the “is equal to” or “is not equal to” operator along with a null function. The steps below can be reversed if you wish to use “is not equal to” instead.

Step by Step Contains Data Guide

  1. Create a Built-in Condition action.
  2. Add your dynamic field to check into the “choose a value” box.
  3. Select the option “is equal to”.
  4. Within “Choose a value” select Expression.
  5. Type null into the fx box and select OK.
  6. In the “If no” branch continue with your contains data actions.
  7. In the “If Yes” branch terminate the flow or perform does not contain data actions.

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